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The first half of Vic's creation started in Kingston Ontario by Tuile. The inspiration came from the luck of the draw from a lego mystery packet from our local toy store. Vic, the sailor, is named after Tuile's great grandfather when he sailed the seas for the Canadian Navy.

Vic's main body, a dried flower brick, was coil built with Laguna B-mix stoneware and the surrounding black chains with Laguna B3 Brown.  After bisque firing Vic, he travelled to Kanasas City where Cat Wong took over with underglazing, glazing, lustre and finished all the firings, up to Cone 6, at Belger Arts Centre. Cat also scuplted the wonderful charms that surround Vic; inspired by traditional old school sailer tattoos. 

This piece was showcased in the Confluent Traditions Show at DSGN Collective in Cincinnati,OH. 

This piece has a custom built crate for transport. We can deliever anywhere east of Chicago, further locations west of Chicago will need to have an art transporting service deliever the piece. Those east of Chicago will have the piece delievered by Jon and Tuile. Prices will vary based on location, please inquire for delievery charges. 

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this piece to figure out shipping options. We may be able to deliver it in March when we're on our way to Richmond VA. 




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